Free breath in YOGA

The Cavallino Lovely hotel offers its customers a weekly program of free outdoor yoga classes. Every day we go together to a different place with other peculiarities and also air quality. The groups remain small between 1 and 10 people, for this reason the exercises find an individual measure and intensity.

The Cavallino lovely hotel offers a free yoga activity in which, during the 6 lessons a week, through the practice of more or less easy exercises, we can learn to observe the breath and dynamize the back.

Already experienced people, beginners and seniors can participate in the lessons in which we learn to find a free breath in movement. The breath becomes more and more free if we do not force the movement but consciously form it. Therefore the exercises are adaptable to each person. The goal of our outdoor yoga meeting is not just physical performance but the conscious liberating activity of the breath. This form of free breathing responds to a great current demand.


Yoga sulle dolomiti di Brenta



If you would like additional yoga classes or individual yoga classes you book it and take advantage of this service for the price of a massage. In case of bad weather or an individual lesson we are in a room reserved for yoga.

Here are the main points of our lessons.


While a hundred years ago our grandparents were tired of physical exertion, today the exhaustion comes from numerous nervous stresses. The rhythm and the confusion of information cause a form of breathing that is increasingly shallow and even tight.

Physical activity brought by a concrete idea and well open to the other usually generates a broad breath. The wide-ranging feeling can be compared to the liberating experience on top of the mountain. Movement in this sense can be a real source of regeneration.



We usually know the back when it already hurts but we know little about an ideal movement for its health. A wide and free breath has a direct relationship with the back musculature. If in practice the breath naturally follows the conscious processes aimed at movement then a tendentially tense musculature can become looser, well coordinated and elastic.

In the morning or in the evening, the lessons of an hour or an hour and a quarter allow you enough practice to discover fluency, dynamism and a stable base, thus awakening a first idea for a better posture of our figure and better breathing … ideas and practice that you can take home.


Often we get a preconceived idea of yoga, or a very meditative or very acrobatic yoga. The yoga teacher Anne-Michèle Hambye offers the guests of the Cavallino Lovely Hotel “a middle way”: the New Yoga Will..

Yoga all'aperto in Brenta

A discipline in which to find, thanks to our attention and careful observation, a good quality of breath and a joy of movement. The Sun Salutation is a classic yoga movement, a dynamic sequence of 12 positions.

We develop a dynamism aimed at the spinal column and a looseness of the limbs that give a very light quality to the breath and an aesthetic quality to the movement.




Upon reservation it is possible to go and admire the sunrise. What does this moment of the day do with us? What colors do the mountains offer? Be aware that this particular moment acts directly on the breath. The movement consequently dissolves. Obviously we will practice the sun salutation !!!


Yoga exercises are not just movements but also observation and meditation. Exercises with which you can intensely reconnect with nature, with others and finally with yourself. In this sense, the yoga teacher Anne-Michèle Hambye, passionate about mountain observation, with over 15 years of experience in the area offers free of charge ONLY FOR OUR GUESTS an à la carte program of excursions to observe nature … accessible to all adults and small and only gives a first basis for observing, identifying and knowing the details of the place of your stay … in this way reconnecting with nature, even the breath finds a wider and freer form.

The groups remain small, between 1 and 10 people, this allows a nice exchange of ideas and … often new friends !!!

The weekly program is composed in collaboration with you on Sunday afternoon, to be chosen among some proposals, … (Provide suitable clothes and shoes)


The woods present their typical play of light and shadow in which we feel protected. The breath naturally calms down. Often surrounded by landslides of red stones, the evergreen, beech and hazelnut trees characterize the town’s woods. Let’s go to their discovery!


On foot or with the ski lifts we reach the peaks where the air is purer and the panorama itself offers us a feeling of breadth. Panorama that with its beauty already suggests a free breath. Pausing in front of its shapes and colors, we can really connect with this beauty that opens up imposingly.

Some places proposed:

the La Montanara refuge


A few times a month we choose to be guided by a jeep taxi service higher up … in a private and wild place where we practice yoga and nature observation …

Families are welcome.

Some possible trips

Val d’Ambiez

Val Perse

BREATHE with your feet in the water

The mountain is intimately connected with the element of water that flows in streams, waterfalls and stagnates in the lake … On the high floors of the Paganella there are some lakes, springs and waterfalls.
Our trips take us to know, observe but also feel the water … Contemplate what fresh, flowing water does with our senses … consciously feeling the expanding breath.

BREATHE the perfume

Entering the meadows or going to the farm The return to San Lorenzo, we set out to discover the world of flowers. We observe their shape, their organization and also their relationship with us human beings. The more we relate to nature even with these small elements, the more we feel connected and we can breathe freely.

Passeggiate in Brenta ad Andalo


Walking in the woods during the cold season allows you to get to know the light with the long shadows of winter, to get to know the landscape beneath the snow. (Wear suitable clothes and shoes)

Some suggested itineraries that change every week:

From Andalo to San Tomaso… panoramas – Plan dei Sarnacli and dry walls – – A tour of history with the old glass factory,…


On foot or with the ski lifts we reach the peaks and hidden places to “recognize the beauty” and see how the winter changes the landscape…

Some of the places proposed:

the Paganella Peak

The “La Montanara” alpine refuge

The Rio Lavezol Waterfall

il lake Molveno


E And if the cold and the rain stop us, let’s go tell and hear the stories that characterize this place in a refuge with a mulled wine, to the nearby Thun or Stenico castles.


E And if the cold and the rain stop us, let’s go tell and hear the stories that characterize this place in a refuge with a mulled wine, to the nearby Thun or Stenico castles.


Walk in the woods and meadows to get to know the colors and scents of summer in the mountains.
Easy walks suitable for families
or medium difficulty walks at high altitudes with a first section in off-road vehicles or ski lifts.
(transport subject to payment)


…that change from week to week.
From Andalo to San Tommaso, Plan dei Sarnacli along the drywall street…
A tour through the history of Andalo, but also
 Val Perse