The Cavallino Lovely hotel offers its customers a weekly program of free outdoor yoga classes. Every day we go together to a different place with other peculiarities and also air quality.

Already experienced people, beginners and seniors can participate in the lessons in which we learn to find a free breath in movement.



Simona Krueckl

Teacher of Yoga

Experienced Yoga teacher, Teacher of Mantra Chanting, Adaptive Yoga, Yoga and cakras, Meditation and mental concentration, Expert in healthy nutrition.

Awakening yoga

Awakening yoga is a dynamic Hatha Yoga practice aimed at bringing attention to the breath and awareness of the body. Breathing techniques and careful movements make it possible to adapt the practice to everyone.
Through sun salutations and sequences designed to activate the body, morning yoga allows you to feel energy and vitality, increase the sense of inner well-being and reduce back pain. A practice to explore one’s inner space perfect as preparation for the conscious walk that will take place in the second part of the morning.



Free-mind in the woods

A walk where the only will is to carve out a moment of total freedom from commitments and worries. Simplicity and amazement will be the main elements of this walk.
You will walk along paths and really come into contact with the many life forms present, looking at them, smelling them, touching them and breathing deeply.
The movements will be as slow as possible, so that even the mental rhythms can slow down, letting yourself be guided and accompanied by the fresh air and the scents and noises that emanate all around.

Our five senses will be the masters to find total connection with nature.
The union between man and nature generates immediate relaxation and a sense of peace and balance. It will be a complete immersion through observation, meditation, breathing exercises or why not, a short barefoot walk in the woods.
Why try it? Because it is an experience that has extraordinary benefits on the immune and nervous systems by decreasing the levels of cortisol and therefore of stress.
Think about this experience and then repeat it as many times as you want!

Passeggiate in Brenta ad Andalo

Simona Krueckl

Experienced Yoga teacher, Teacher of Mantra Chanting, Adaptive Yoga, Yoga and cakras, Meditation and mental concentration, Expert in healthy nutrition

Born in Germany, after becoming acquainted with yoga in many courses and seminars, I decided at the age of 22 to undertake training as a yoga teacher and chose to follow the teachings of Heinz Grill, an influential yoga expert and famous mountaineer. From there on, a journey of continuous learning began, deepened year by year through personal research, refresher courses and knowledge of different styles and methods of yoga.

My personal interest lies primarily in the large field of health, understood holistically. Therefore, in addition to practising yoga postures and dealing with the breath, I also dedicate myself to the study of life forces in nature and nutrition.

After moving to Italy in the year 2011, I built up many yoga courses in various towns in Trentino, as well as collaborating with hotels in the area.

My message, which I want to share with participants, is: ‘every person can take the improvement of health into the own hands and can always start doing it’.